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Lookool Magnetic Graphic System:

Appling magnet with iron media to create a space with quick installation, non glue, time saving and labor saving.


shops, hospitals, offices, kindergartens and schools.


1.Multi-layers :depending on the strength of magnets, iron media can be attracted (stick) 2~5 Layers.
2 .N S Lock magnet (AH021) can hold tissue box, photo frames …. creates a 3D space,


1986 Magruba changed its main focus from producing rubber products to developing flexible magnets.


1991 Magruba independently and successfully developed an automatic production line offering high quality and flexible magnets worldwide.


1997 Magruba branched out and assembled a distribution warehouse in Perth, Australia.


2012 Lookool Magnetics was formally introduced and the Magnetic Graphic System was announced worldwide.


2013 Lookool Magnetics received the pattern certificate of iron media.



With 30 years experience in the magnets industry, Chen-Da Chang the Managing Director of Lookool Magnetics offers you this creative Magnetic Graphic System for all your advertising and designing needs.

ector of Lookool Magnetics Co;Ltd offers you this creative Magnetic Graphic System for shops, schools, hospitals ,offices and…

Iron media 100   Code: IM100

Permanent Magnets: Lookool Magnetics only produces permanent magnets mixing up high quality magnetic powder and weather resistant rubber by 30 years production experience .


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